Fanuc control enhancements focus of energy efficiency and ease of use

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Fanuc's Power Motion i-A motion controller has been enhanced with a High Response Motion Control function, allowing multiple axes to be synchronised and positioned faster. Polling information for synchronisation is now available in cycles of 1 ms for positioning and motion control.

The Fanuc 30i series CNC controller now uses a new generation servo processor offering advanced 5-axis functions. Machining tolerances can be accurately programmed, allowing the system to manage relative processing time while optimising surface quality and cycle time. Completely independent operation from the main CNC panel is now available using the Fanuc iPendant whose touch screen provides an identical image to that on the main panel screen. 'Smart phone' type programmable icons are provided for calling up specific CNC screen content. A Safety operators panel equipped with double contacts on all buttons has provision to communicate directly with the CNC system using Fanuc I/O Link i. Integration of the panel into Fanuc's dual check safety system is implemented automatically using the I/O link, providing a proven safety solution for machine builders and OEMs. An additional machine safety function, the 3D Interference Check, is built into the CNC kernel of the Fanuc 30i-B CNC controller family. This prevents machine collision by constantly monitoring machine status and positioning during both set-up and operation. Auto-correction is available using Fanuc's Error Correction Code function. The system monitors and corrects any internal data transfer errors that can occur as a result of oil contamination, electromagnetic interference, vibration and other typical shopfloor environmental issues. Machine Status Monitoring, which collects data from sensors, can be sent to the relevant persons via email or smart phone. Fanuc' energy monitoring function development has focused on detailed monitoring, quick restart and energy recover. It is now possible to check detailed energy consumption down to component level, enabling optimisation of machining cycles. Identified components can be programmed to idle or to increase machining speed to contribute to increased energy efficiency. Individual components set to idle is now even more efficient with Extremely Quick Restart. Reports using the upgraded control technology suggest that spindle speed acceleration of 0 to 10,00 rpm in 0.16 sec can be achieved – almost twice as fast as previously possible. Efficient energy recovery from braking motors is now available across the Fanuc range including robots.