Blum-Novotest invests £150,000 in developing LC-Vision software

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Blum-Novotest has invested over £150,000 in bringing its LC-Vision software to market. The software will help firms get the most out of their LC50 Digilog laser-measurement system, which visualises measurement results covering 3D tool control, spindle control and grinding control. As a result, users from automotive, aerospace, medical and renewables will know sooner about wear and defects on the tool’s cutting edges, will visualise spindle wear to improve preventative maintenance and see detailed representations of issues with the grinding wheel.

David Mold, managing director, says: “By utilising a ‘best fit’ feature, tools can be modified so parts are machined more accurately than before, so every component coming off should be good. Scrapping or reworking should be a thing of the past with this software.”

The plan will be to include LC-Vision software on machines fitted with Blum-Novotest’s Digilog LC50 laser-measurement system, free of charge. Every application will be shown on the software, but only those purchased will be active, with customers able to purchase additional features as part of a licensing agreement. The company’s engineers will be available to deliver full training.

Future development will eventually cover the rest of the Digilog range, including probe, roughness gauge probe and the bore gauge system.

“LC50 evaluates the analogue signal rather than the digital one, meaning we can take thousands of measuring values of all cutting edges per second, resulting in highly dynamic measurement of tool parameters,” says Mold. “In essence, this technology is 60% quicker than conventional in-machine measuring.”