GF Machining Solutions develops a number of model machining cells

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GF Machining Solutions has developed a number of model machining cells to showcase its comprehensive range of total manufacturing systems and solutions and to demonstrate, to precision manufacturers, the significant productivity, efficiency and performance gains that can be achieved through the integration of the company’s advanced technologies.

These model cells demonstrate everything from simple pairs of machines and robots to mixed- machine configurations for advanced and customised additive/subtractive machining processes and operations.

Cell 1- 添加和减法生产工作流程


GF Machining Solutions has an example of how this can be achieved: a three-machine cell comprising a DMP Flex 350, an AgieCharmilles CUT AM 500, and a Mikron MILL S 400 U for fast hybrid part production.

The robust and flexible DMP Flex 350 enables the efficient 24/7 production of very dense, pure metal AM parts from difficult-to-machine alloys, including Inconel, titanium, cobalt chrome, aluminium and steel.

The machine’s onboard 3DXpert® advanced software allow manufacturers to move quickly from 3D modelling to successful part printing, while the advanced CUT AM 500 (Wire EDM machine) uses an innovative tilting table and horizontal wire configuration to separate parts from build plates that deliver lower running costs and higher part quality than that achieved by using conventional EDM machines and band saws.

To complete parts produced with metal AM as quickly as possible, even during unattended operations, GF Machining Solutions has integrated the MILL S 400 U into the cell. The machine is a high-speed simultaneous 5-axis machining centre with an integrated 18-pallet changer, automatic table and workpiece cleaning system plus a range of smart machining modules for advanced in-process monitoring and improved process reliability.

Both the additive and subtractive processes use the same type of System 3R tooling to move parts quickly and efficiently between machines and to ensure the highest repeatability and process security.

细胞2– Lights-out automation

For the most demanding part-production applications, accuracy must be maintained over long periods of machining, even when left unattended overnight or over the weekends. In this second model cell, GF Machining Solutions highlights the long-term precision machining capabilities of three high-performance machine tools: the AgieCharmilles FORM S 350 die-sinking EDM, the AgieCharmilles LASER S 1000 U laser texturing machine and the Mikron MILL P 500 three-axis vertical machining centre.

All three machines are capable of achieving micron level accuracy even during long machining runs thanks to features such as integrated thermo-stabilisation, rigid polymer concrete machine bases, and software solutions that include -: Intelligent Spindle Monitoring (ISM), Smartpatch and Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG).



To make the most of advanced manufacturing technology, even a single machine’s productivity can be enhanced through the appropriate automation solution.

在此模型单元格中,Agiecharmilles Cut P 550 Pro Wire EDM机器通过添加系统3R工具Partner 1+(WPT1+),这是一种自动化解决方案,这是一种自动化解决方案,可在小地板空间中提供最大的杂志容量,以实现前所未有的灵活性。

This is ideal configuration to exploit the high-speed productivity of the CUT P 550 Pro, which provides 20 percent faster cutting speeds with 25 percent less wire consumption thanks to its Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) technology. To maximise its productivity further, during unattended machining — and to leverage the flexible capacity of the WPT1+ — the wire EDM solution also features new Spark Track technology with Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) for the most secure processes available in the EDM machining.

For even greater part-processing speeds, the CUT P 550 Pro is compatible with the company’s new Uniqua control.

First previewed at the grand opening of GF Machining Solutions’ new Biel, Switzerland-based milling machine factory in 2019, this innovative human-machine interface (HMI) builds on the dynamic programming potential of the company’s VISION Controls with EIA/ISO code compatibility, as well as a range of features designed to improve wire cutting speeds from 14-28 percent on CUT P series machines.