瑞士 - 总部研究员拥有机器技术和智能工厂新闻,为参加年度聚会的人员。安德鲁Allcock在那里并有细节

Studer位于瑞士的Thun(本地与:https://is.gd/cipoye)是德国 - 总部联合磨削集团(UGG)的一部分,是该组织中的八个品牌之一。Thun也是Schaudt和Mikrosa制造基础机器的位置。研究员专注于通用圆柱形研磨,现在内部研磨,Schaudt在各种圆柱形和非圆形研磨的中心单位,Mikrosa专注于无心的磨床。(八个品牌是:Studer,Schaudt和Mikrosa;加上表面和轮廓研磨产品技术MarquesMägerle,Blohm和Jung;最后,刀具磨练专家沃尔特和ewag的)


Prior to getting into the meat of those two, however, there was some other bits of news. First, Studer WireDress will now be available on Schaudt and Mikrosa machines. The system is used with metal-bonded grinding wheels used to work difficult-to-machine materials. In principle, a small wire erosion machine, it slashes associated wheel dressing time (YouTube:https://is.gd/bidaqu)。An automotive application cited was the grinding of threaded steering shafts for cars; a 30% time saving was achieved with metal-bonded wheels and WireDress.

此外,Jens Bleher,CEO圆柱形磨削,Studer,加强了使用Studer磨床的容易,即使是一家没有圆柱形研磨历史的公司。这样的公司是Drehtech AG,这是一个七个员工金属卡的分包商,先前放出了磨削工作,但决定将其带入房屋,购买学院S33模型。该公司能够在短短五天内成功地将新资产成功,提供辅助设计软件(更多:https://is.gd/uyoquf)。

在聚会的肉类上,公司正在重新启动S11,希望能够提高这个模型的销售。S11是秘书组合中最小的生产圆柱磨床 - 中心距离200 mm;中心高度125 mm;砂轮直径为500毫米;砂轮布置0°或20°。

Fanuc control and standard StuderWINfocus grinding cycles are now offered (delivering more flexible scope of use), as is offline programming via StuderGRIND. With this control upgrade, StuderGRIND HSG (high speed grinding) is possible with CBN grinding wheels at up to 140 m/sec (prior to this 50 m/sec was typical, with 80 m/sec possible).


The new S11 additionally features the SBS dynamic balance system, which offers semi- and fully-automatic balancing of grinding wheels and reduces downtime, thanks to less ‘air grinding’. This technology also allows for process monitoring.


Finally, available in Q3 will be a new machine housing that is optimised for inter-linked production where machines are loaded and unloaded via portal cranes. The existing version, designed for manual loading or for use with small handling systems, remains available. The new option maintains the compact 1.8 m2 floorspace of the S11. In all of this, the new model is highlighted as highly energy efficient, having a Bosch rating of 96% (versus a 20-year-old S25’s 22%). And improvement on this is targeted.

Studer machines will see their data handled safely, courtesy of OPC UA


Moving to what can often be a nebulous topic, Industry 4.0, and Studer has already put meat on the bones here. In support of machine connectivity, the company has integrated OPC UA (open platform communication unified architecture; see link below) into its StuderWIN machine software. So a machine can assume two roles, OPC UA client and server, which enables it to be integrated simply and securely into the environment of a digital factory.

Elimination of unplanned downtime is a UGG focus, with customers being givensoftware tools that enable cost-optimised maintenance. To make this possible, data from individual assemblies and components will need to be recorded and analysed, with measured variables providing a clear picture of the individual assemblies and components. (Machinery was told that Studer is investigating Marposs’ ‘Blú’ system [www.blu.marposs.com.], an in-machine daisy-chain network [as opposed to the more usual spur style] that more easily connects machine tool elements, plus the integration of in-machine sensors – wireless ones would be helpful, but don’t exist,机械被告知。)


总共有六个领域,其中学员推出其行业4.0努力。前三个,OPC UA接口(35个定义的信号;更可能的),在OPC UA上构建的灵活客户应用程序以及在部件生产中录制各种过程数据。一键远程访问,扩展数据采集和预测性维护都将被预示为“即将推出”。输出数据和一些功能由条件监控和能效浏览器访问软件SmartObserver(https://is.gd/aqumuw.)来自德国的IFM DataLink GmbH。Fred Gaeauf,Studer董事总经理,告诉机械公司已经在智能工厂解决方案上与客户合作。



In reporting below target figures for sales of Studer, Schaudt and Mikrosa machines, Fred Gaegauf, Studer managing director, highlighted six global challenges that were playing their part: effects of the VW ‘dieselgate’ scandal continue (hitting Schaudt and Mikrosa more acutely than Studer); the future of the automotive sector itself, via electric versus combustion engine developments; the trade embargo against Russia; business with Iran remains difficult, because even though sanctions have been lifted, funding to support any business is difficult to come by; global uncertainty flowing from Brexit; and a disappointing China performance, while the US only strated its recovery late last year. The disappointing figures were also below 2015, which themselves were below 2014, although 2015 was a year when unit sales grew, in line with a ‘no loss of market share strategy’. Order intake for 2016 was also below 2015. (No specific figures were given in all of this).

在基因ral terms, Studer is finding the market increasingly difficult, both commercially and technically, Gaegauf said, with customers uncertain what it is they need. Large projects have become increasingly rare, with orders for individual machines a large element of the company’s work, although there is a renewed push on large orders again, with results being seen, he said.

在如此挑战时期,他强调了该公司已准备好迎接他们,“完成其作业”,降低了成本和交货时间,并且现在处于“优化阶段”。在交货时间内,自2011年以来,该公司的流量线组装过程自2011年以来,当固定站是规范的规范,将装配时间减少超过50%。(The group’s Czech factory is applying this approach as well, where Walter and Ewag machines are assembled.) This has been one of the Studer’s initiatives under its lean manufacturing/continuous improvement programme (see last year’s report: https://is.gd/ufoyan), an initiative that endures in both office and shopfloor environments. So for 2017, both increased order intake and sales over 2016 are targeted.